Emperor Rum History

King George V


The specific combination of Mauritius volcanic soil, microclimate and altitude creates the perfect condition for the finest rums. The historical evolution of the rum industry in Mauritius is worth as much as that of the Caribbean or South America. Moreover, our traditional and modern techniques together with our master blender’s perfect expertise of production and ageing process enable us to produce the best-tasting Mauritian rum.

Sugar cane was introduced from Java in Mauritius under the Dutch period (1598-1710), mainly to produce an alcoholic drink through fermentation. During his service in the 18th century, the French Govenor, Bertrand-François Mahé de Labourdonnais, was the first to support the development of the rum industry in Mauritius.

As from 1810, Mauritius became a British colony and gradually transformed itself into a plantation economy with sugarcane as the primary crop. Later, in 1852, Dr Pierre Charles François Harel became the mastermind behind the concept of rum distillation on the island. Mauritius is now home to six distilleries, among which two have left their mark on the history of our sugar estates.

Emperor Rum was created with our august history and majestic qualities in mind. The choice of our effigy had to embrace all these features and naturally fell on the iconic Emperor Georges V, who was King of the United Kingdom and the British dominions, and Emperor of India.

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